Hatha Yoga at Hacienda Cerritos, Pescadero

Hatha Yoga at Hacienda Cerritos, Pescadero

Welcome to honor the sun and moon with us through the practice of traditional Hatha Yoga at beautiful Hacienda Cerritos and within the community.

Wednesdays 8:00-9:30am & Fridays 10:30am-12:00pm

Explore the practice of Yoga and grow through yoga asanas, meditation, breath work and yogic philosophy.

Sequences of flow and engaging challenges as well as restoration and connection within.

Suiteble for all levels and modifications and guidance always available for your individual needs.

15 spots available and please enter Hacienda Cerritos 15 min before class to get set up and reserve your spot. 150 peso per person to be payed when signing up at front desk.

Hacienda Cerritos is located at Cerritos Beach, Pescadero, 45 minutes from Cabo San Lucas, BCS.

Welcome to read more about Hacienda Cerritos https://www.haciendacerritos.com

In love and gratitude, Emelie

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