Noaidi and the North

Noaidi and the North

A noaidi is a shaman of the Sami people in the Nordic countries representing an indigenous nature religion. Sápmi is the land of the Sami people, a land of snow-capped mountains, wild rivers, pristine lakes and streams, tundra and forest. Bathed in northern lights it is an area of outstanding natural beauty, peace and quiet. 

A noaidi can engage in any kind of affair that demands wisdom, healing, making decisions or protecting animals and nature. Noaidis often have helper spirits in animal form and the most powerful Noaidis would be accompanied by reindeer’s as there helper spirits. 

Noaidis were traditionally the healers and protectors of the great north. Noaidis have the role of mediator between humans and the spirits. To undertake this mediation, the noaidi communicated with the spirit world, using a traditional drum, which is the most important symbol and tool of the Sámi shaman. 

The drum would be played under the northern lights as the joik would echo over the tundra. Joik is a traditional form of song in Sámi music. The sound of joik is comparable to the traditional chanting of some Native American cultures. Joik shares some features with the shamanistic cultures of Siberia, which mimic the sounds of nature.

The beauty and wilderness of the motherland calls for my heart. The months of pregnancy and my deep inner journey have made me miss the North in new ways. The connection to my own birth, ancestry and path is more present than ever. I can’t wait to bring my son to see the rain deers wander over the tundra, drink water from the rivers and pick wild berries.

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