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Prenatal Yoga for Mamas-to-be & Mama and Me Baby Yoga

Prenatal Yoga for Mamas-to-be & Mama and Me Baby Yoga

I have been teaching prenatal yoga for mamas-to-be for a few years and love all the growing bellies, beautiful families and divine energy. 

I am so blessed to move through my own journey of pregnancy and explore the practice of yoga and meditation as my body is changing. I am in the creative process of publishing a Prenatal Yoga manual for Mamas-to-be and a Mama and Me Baby Yoga manual. The manuals will be available after the new year. 

Prenatal yoga and breath work, as well as Mama and me yoga classes are still avalibe upon request in Todos Santos and Los Cabos.

Stay connected for more information and to all you beautiful Mamas and babies that I have worked with – Thank you for teaching me how different and unique every woman and pregnancy is. 

I am so excited to share the practice, love and miracle of life.

In love and gratitude, Emelie

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