Zoom Yoga Schedule

Zoom Yoga Schedule

Yoga with Emelie on Zoom – Mexican Pacific Standard Time, Mazatlán

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 am Traditional Hatha Yoga

We go through the foundations of Hatha Yoga, breakdown poses, get familiar with PranaYama/ breath work and yogic philosophy. Slower class that allows us to cultivate curiosity and understanding for anatomy and the body, knowledge for the practice and awareness for mind, emotions and spirit. All levels welcome.

Thursday and Saturday 9:00 am Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Higher paste class that allows us to connect breathe and movement as we flow through our sequences. Working with more muscle engagement and dynamic movements. Allowing us to grow and explore more challenging shapes with a smile and a beating heart, facing the ego and softening into humbleness. Experience recommended. 

Sunday 9:00 am Mindfulness and Guided Meditation

The practice is a combination of breath work, tools and inspiration to cultivate awareness in every day life as we soften into our guided journey. Meditation can help us direct the activities of the mind and through the practice of we can learn a lot about our selfs and how to adjust accordingly to life on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Our practice can help us connect, to disconnect and re connect with everything around us, with ourselves and how to be here and now. Our practice is open for everyone and you don’t need to have experience or an active meditation practice to participate.

Our virtual platform is Zoom. Please go to www.zoom.com and register for an account. It’s easy and free to access the platform via the links you will receive after registration. Our Zoom classes are by donation and all our private services are offered with a recommended price and a sliding scale. 

Donations and gratuity for our practices are welcome to be sent via PayPal to emelie.eldridge@gmail.com 

You are welcome to send your donation per class, week or month depending on your desire and intention for your practice. 

Services are available for everyone regardless of financial situation and I welcome you to invite friends and family to enjoy our practice together. 

In love and gratitude, Emelie

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